Ethical 100% British Wool Fabric


Did you know that wool is hypoallergenic?

You might not realise this but dust mites hate wool, which is also resistant to bacteria, mould & mildew. Not only that it absorbs harmful pollutants from the air and doesn't re-emit them. Just some of the amazing benefits of using wool in your home!


Hot Colours for AW18/AW19


Looking for the hottest Autumn Winter 2018 colour trends?


Velvet Fabric


The velvet revolution continues into the Autumn Winter 2018 Season.  This sumptuous fabric has been embraced over recent years as part of an eclectic, contemporary look. Velvet is perfect for rooms predominantly used in the evenings, such as a living rooms and bedroom because it catches the light so beautifully. In fact any room is instantly given extra warmth and sophistication with the addition of velvet furniture, cushions, curtains or blinds.


Ideal Home Show


Loved working with TV Presenter & Interior Designer Sophie Robinson and Edwina Boase on the Ideal Home Show supplying curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.


I think the mix of textures and colours...looks amazing!!


Real Organic Silk Fabric


Silk has certainly set the standard in luxury for many many years. It is one of the softest fabrics in the world and its origins date back to Ancient China.


The Chinese used silk fabric for decoration, clothing & arts. It was an important part of the economy by means of exchange for trading. The Chinese were very protective of their secret to making silk which of course is produced by tiny creatures called silkworms.


Today China still leads the way in silk production, in fact it produces around 74% of the world’s supply of raw silk.


Silk is still highly valued today because it not only looks lustrous and feels luxurious, but it is resilient, lightweight and extremely strong. In fact one filament of silk is stronger than a comparable filament of steel!


Over the years fabric manufacturers have created less luxurious and less costly alternatives to silk, such as what is now known as faux silk, nylon and polyester. But of course silk still is one of the world’s finest materials.

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